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Master Credit Participation Certificates™


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Application Process

The process of becoming a "Participating Lender" -- an investor that is eligible to acquire a CPC -- starts with the completion of a Qualification Package (0808.QPC) by your nominated entity that will be qualifying with UFT Commercial Finance.  These forms are used  for the traditional CPC™ or an Enhancement CPC™.

The following forms are required as part of the initial application.

  1. Confidential Disclosure Agreement (0808.CDA-1) for the proposed Participant.

  2. Beneficial Owner Verification (0808.BOV) to be completed by the individuals that ultimately own the entity that will be the Participating Lender.

  3. Participant Data Consent (0808.PDC) permits us to do standard AML/KYC checks on the individuals/entities involved.

  4. Please refer to Pathway to Participation (0808.PTP ) to help guide you through the totality of becoming a Participating Lender and through your first CPC participation.

Also, please complete a Login Request Form (1105.LRF) so that we may provide you with access to the proprietary educational materials and forms that you will need while working with us. 

We welcome your submissions when you are prepared to proceed.


White Papers and Other Info

April, 2019

In this paper, one of the Founders of Greenwood Strategic Advisors, Craig Stephens, joins our CEO, Joanne Marlowe, in explaining how dynamic analysis plays an active supporting role in UFT Commercial's Infrastructure CPC™ products. In the face of steady urbanization and growing service demands, governments are looking to the private sector for new ways of financing public infrastructure. Likewise, institutional and other private investors are searching for ways to get exposure to quality infrastructure investments, but cannot find them with sufficient scale, volume and yield. Bringing these two groups together efficiently requires new solutions that can simultaneously meet the needs of governments, institutional investors, and the citizens they both serve. UFT Commercial and Greenwood have integrated their respective financing and analytics/valuation products to bring just such solutions forward to enable large-scale infrastructure investment.

November, 2018

In this informative paper, our Founder, Joanne Marlowe, explains how the Infrastructure Enhancement CPC™ can help insurance companies play a more active role in supporting "resiliency" infrastructure projects by positioning them as a source of yield enhancement to their investment portfolios. This Cashless Investment™ approach allows existing portfolio investments to remain undisrupted, which reduces opportunity cost and investment friction. Ultimately, this new infrastructure investment strategy helps insurance companies to help themselves, assuring projects that must be completed in order to drive down claims risk get the funding they need from the marketplace. The result for the insurance company -- a healthier bottom line.

November, 2018

This paper takes a look at the use of an alternative method of bidding and contracting infrastructure projects in which the private sector contractor includes the cost of "manufacturing" the project in its delivery contract. Ultimately, our Founder, Joanne Marlowe, explains how this approach can lighten the impact of a public sector project on the government's balance sheet, making projects possible that would otherwise have to wait. Almost as importantly, this true form of public-private partnership keeps public assets in public hands for the long-term. Every government official that is charged with getting infrastructure in motion should read this paper before committing to a path forward.

October, 2018

In this paper, our Founder, Joanne Marlowe, provides an informative, educational foundation for pension funds to learn how to apply the Enhancement CPC™ to improve portfolio performance and pack more power into their existing assets under management. The most common goal among today's pension fund managers is to find a consistent way of maintaining reliable incremental yield that offsets current liabilities while making long-view, wealth building investments that counteract prior principal losses or compensate for less-than-scheduled contributions - all while still remaining liquid and nimble. This paper will start to explain how.

August, 2013

This technical paper takes a look at how to use the Private Equity Enhancement CPC™ as the basis to engage in private equity investments "cashlessly", reducing opportunity costs to the investor, and improving the operation of the private equity market for private companies in search of capital. Private Equity Enhancement Credits link the economic performance of a private equity investment through a related credit enhancement facility.

September, 2012

This academic analysis authored by thought leader, Joanne Marlowe, elaborates on her thesis behind the disaggregation of the two fundamental building blocks of every credit -- capital availability and credit appetite. In this ground-breaking paper she posits, "Investment Disaggregation Theory is to the origination of an individual investment what Modern Portfolio Theory is to the construction of a diversified portfolio."

April, 2010

Authored by Joanne Marlowe immediately following the 2008 credit meltdown, this technical paper became the basis for the CPC™ Platform. In it, she describes how a Credit Participation Certificate™ is founded upon a master set of terms and conditions that will invite an opportunity for institutional investment capital to be re-introduced to the credit markets, kindling "ground-up" transparency and a restoration of investor confidence.